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Free Attic Insulation

Complete a pre-energy audit through the Home Energy Conservation Program will now be eligible for up to $1,450 incentive for participating in the Program.

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FREE attic insulation

Started on May 29, 2017, Enbridge is offering up to $1450 on incentive for upgraded attic insulation per family. The Government of Ontario has committed $100 million to establish this program. It is expected to help an estimated 37,000 homeowners to identify and make energy saving upgrades to lower the energy bills to(Save up to $450/Year) and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This Program is delivered by Enbridge Gas Distribution in partnership with the Government of Ontario. If you’re a qualified homeowner, you can take advantage of these valuable incentives for participating in the Program. Together, we’re helping the homeowners save energy costs!

For more information, please visit the website:                                                                          

How it works 

  • Complete at least two(2) items
  • Meet 15% energy savings
  • Energy audit must be completed by Enbridge approved Service Organization
  • If Gas customer, account must be in good standing 
  • Final Audit must be competed by December 31st, 2017






The top reasons to upgrade the attic insulation

Energy Savings: Make the furnace work more efficiently and save your utility bills of up to $450/year.

Home comfort: Stabilize temperatures throughout the house and provides comfort to occupants and residents inside the house.

Health: Cooking, bathing, showering, (eg) produces moisture and makes up to the attic. If there is poor or improper ventilation installed, the moisture gets trapped in the attic and can lead to mold problems. Remove the mold on attic insulation and keep indoor air quality Better.

Environmental: Reduced the carbon footprint; Recycles 97% of the energy escaping every minute save approximately 1.6 million tones of greenhouse gas emissions.

Roof Protection: When heat escapes through your attic, this can cause melting snow on your roof, leading to ice dams and excessive condensation and will costs huge money to fix the roof.