Attic Insulation                                                                                                                                                                                              Attic insulation requires a professional touch. Our Company – Canada Insulation provides the customer with a product warranty and installation guarantee on every job. The product we use is fiberglass which is made in Canada with 73% recycled glass content, SCS and GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Most attic insulation installations can be completed within a of couple hours. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We’re confident in our ability to provide high quality work.


The top reasons to upgrade the attic insulation

Energy Savings: Make the furnace work more efficiently and save your utility bills of up to $450/year.

Home comfort: Stabilize temperatures throughout the house and provides comfort to occupants and residents inside the house.

Health: Cooking, bathing, showering, (eg) produces moisture and makes up to the attic. If there is poor or improper ventilation installed, the moisture gets trapped in the attic and can lead to mold problems. Remove the mold on attic insulation and keep indoor air quality Better.

Environmental: Reduced the carbon footprint; Recycles 97% of the energy escaping every minute save approximately 1.6 million tones of greenhouse gas emissions.

Roof Protection: When heat escapes through your attic, this can cause melting snow on your roof, leading to ice dams and excessive condensation and will costs huge money to fix the roof.